[10+] Top Brands Dslr Camera Lens


There are plenty of lenses coming in each day to the market. So, it is obvious that some of you always face difficulties while choosing the top brands Dslr Camera Lens

While Nikon and Canon set a benchmark in lens production in terms of its features, there are some best brands with their versatility coming to the market full fledgedly.

Don’t worry here we are giving each and every aspect of the different brands and provide a great insight to the topic “Top brands Dslr camera lens”.

Without wasting time let’s start…

List Of Top 10+ Brands Dslr Camera Lens

 1. Canon


Canon is one of the top brands and has gained immense popularity from its inception. When we talk about versatility Canon sets a better standard than other brands. It manufactures very high-quality lenses of all types which is great for different perspectives.

Now talking about as one of the top Dslr camera lens brands. Started in 1937, Canon lenses have been providing the best results to most photographers. It has made some really cool optical tools that allow a photographer for a smooth photo or video shoot.

They have produced various lens types which includes Telephoto lens, zoom lens, prime lens, macro lens which are different in focal lengths but gives beautiful results to the photographers

Canon has manufactured L-series lenses and comes with various mounts. Besides that Canon has the extreme capability to capture Sports, wildlife, nature, wide angle, small objects photos etc. very sharply.

Depending on their feature the lenses are also cost effective and some of the lenses from Canon are great friendlier lenses for your travel purposes. The focus quality which is controlled by its different motor and optical design made it a great brand. Besides that the low light photoshoot it has some amazing lenses which are also used in movie shooting.

Best Canon DSLR lenses

2. Nikon

Nikon - best brand for dslr lens

The real competitor of Canon is Nikon. Since 1946, it has been providing the best results to its users. After WWII, many photographers started putting the Nikon lenses on their cameras for journalism purposes. Because these lenses from Nikon outperform the OEM brand lenses during those days. After that Nikon’s legacy continues to date.

With the advent of pro cameras, Nikon started manufacturing almost every lens for different situations. They made excellent sharp lenses of a variety of focal lengths with great optical design.

Nikon also designed some of the very great special lenses which have great control over the bokeh effect, giving better depth of field with a limited amount of distortions. 

Like Canon, Nikon also started manufacturing great lenses such as wide angle, telephoto, prime and macro zoom lenses for different perspectives.

Nikon also provides great lenses with various mounts for Nikon cameras and other cameras.

Besides that Nikon greatly considers the different features, price and weight of the lenses while producing the best product to its users. So overall it can as one of the top Dslr camera lens brands.

Best Nikon DSLR lenses


Sony - Top Brands for Dslr Lens

In 2006, Sony started to enter the Camera world by producing high-quality digital SLR cameras along with their lenses. Sony lenses have also gained a significant level of popularity among the photographers who also use Canon and Nikon lenses.

Sony has made amazing lenses, great sensors with better optics with the partnership of Carl Zeiss and other companies, so it is counted amongst the top brands for Dslr camera lens. Sony’s commitment of excellence has given its users great versatility for different perspectives.

They have designed the lenses for APS-C and Full-frame cameras. Additionally, with the better lenses, they have provided suitable kits for their products which ensures great care for your optical products.

Sony’s E-mount lenses served as the best lenses for the Sony Alpha cameras such as the full-frame A7 series and APS-C 6000 series. Besides that sony also produces G master series lenses which is versed in incredible built quality, impressive resolution with great price.

Best Sony DSLR Lenses

4. Fujifilm

Top brands for dslr lens

Established in 1934, Fujifilm has also set a great signature as far as photography is concerned. In the long run competition, it has also provided immense results to its users. At first, they manufactured the standard lenses but consequently, they expanded their business in Japan and later in the US in the late ’90s.

This top Dslr camera Lens brands provide great camera lenses for the crop sensor cameras and best for the APS-C and medium format bodies. The two acclaimed lenses such as X-T3 and X-T30 lenses are best suited for the APS-C cameras. 

Fujifilm also produces G-mount lenses for medium format cameras like the GFX 50R body. With its special features, this brand meets the standard and is widely used by the consumers as it comes with various reasonable prices.

Best Fujifilm DSLR Lenses

5. Olympus

Best dslr lens brands

Olympus began to manufacture optical instruments in 1936. Olympus has gained better popularity for the production of small-size high-quality equipment. They have created great lenses that can be used both in Panasonic and Olympus lenses. So, it is amongst the top Dslr camera lens brands.

Olympus along with other partners manufactured digital SLRs called the four third system in 2001. Besides that, they have also produced micro four third mirror-less in 2008. With its great mix of design and features, it can serve almost any camera bodies

The 4/3rd and MFT system is extremely helpful in compact interchangeable lens digital cameras that every photographer must need. The design and build quality are excellent and like Canon and Nikon they also come up with water and dust resistance.

Best DSLR lenses for Portraits

6. Panasonic

Panasonic - Top Brands for Dslr Lens

The Panasonic company started in 1918 initially produced electronic products and with time they joined in the long run for producing great lenses. With its robust technology, they have produced great full-frame cameras along with great lenses.

In recent years, joined with the Leica it has produced Lumix Leica lenses which are exclusively designed for the full-frame L-mount mirrorless cameras. But the primary Panasonic mount is the Micro Four Thirds for the mirrorless cameras. For the videography, they have designed the best quality lenses which have been widely used by its users.

Along with Olympus and other digital camera companies, they designed the four third systems and later MFT. The 4/3rd MFT cameras and lenses are pretty good and of high quality. They have also manufactured great branded Dslr camera lenses for the full-frame format digital cameras.

Best Canon Macro DSLR lenses

7. Leica


This company was established in the year 1869 and it is the top camera lens brands as it provides high-quality lenses and is very expensive in price. In recent years Leica has produced great L-mount lenses that can be mounted on its camera bodies as well as for Panasonic full-frame mirror-less bodies.

The high-quality breathtaking lenses from Leica offer great features for different perspectives. With the advent of its great features, it is widely used by most professionals who really need the best out of the lens.

The Leica lenses are not affordable but its excellency in optical design and features made it an outstanding lens brand worldwide. If we talk about the tonal range, contrast, color correction, optical distortion it is way far better than other lenses. They also started to manufacture lenses for the medium format cameras which we think will give the best to its users.

Best DSLR lenses for video shoots

8. Zeiss

Top Brands for dslr lenses 2020 list

Founded in 1846, it manufactures the best scientific and photographic equipment with great features. They offer great lenses such as cinema lenses, medium format lenses, sony full-frame lenses, large format lenses, ZF and ZE lenses for Nikon F-mount and Canon EF-mount cameras, etc. 

They are known for their robust design and high-quality optics and are incredible in price. The lenses from Zeiss can be used in different camera systems such as Panasonic video, Contax, and Arriflex cinema cameras.

The lenses of this one of the top brands dslr camera lens are extremely sharp, very expensive, weather-sealed, have great specifications, and also create great steps in the photographic world. The Zeiss lenses can also be mounted on the APS-C cameras.

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9. Sigma

Top Brands for Dslr Lens

This best top camera lens brands was founded in the year 1961. It greatly contributes to the photographic world by producing more lenses for the markets. The lenses from Sigma can be readily used in Canon, Sony, Nikon, and other types of third-party camera bodies.

They offer great quality images as it is great in design and best in optics. The focal length, aperture quality are designed with great care so that it can fulfill all your perspectives. They have also started manufacturing great Art lenses which can be mounted on Leica, Panasonic, and Sigma cameras.

Best Canon Zoom DSLR lenses

10. Tamron

Tamron - Top Brands for Dslr Lens

Tamron is a third-party lens provider which is also a great competitor of Sigma, Tokina, and Rokinon. Extremely versatile in optical design, they have produced good quality; lenses for almost all camera brands.

They generally offer great lenses for Canon EF-mount cameras, Nikon F-mount cameras, Pentax K-mount cameras, Sony A-mount cameras, etc. The lenses of these top Dslr lens brands are cheap in price and have high-quality third-party optics.

Best Canon Prime DSLR Lenses

11. Tokina


Tokina is a third-party Dslr lens manufacturing company that was founded in the year 1950 and it has produced cheap lenses with greater versatility in features.

Just like Sigma and Tamron, they have also produced great lenses for the full-frame and APS-C cameras. The lenses from Tokina are well compatible with Canon, Nikon, and Sony cameras bodies.

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12. Rokinon


This company was founded in 1979 and also set decent popularity worldwide compared to other lens brands. This is also a third-party lens provider and their price range is very reasonable. They produce great fish eye lenses that are great in focus and quality. 

Besides that, they also produce ultra-long telephoto lenses, superfast prime lenses, and good-quality macro lenses. The lenses from these top Dslr camera lens brands can be mounted on various camera bodies such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc.


The above lenses are the top camera lens brands that are readily available in the market. Based upon your use and perspectives you can go with the above-aforementioned brands. 

While Nikon and Canon are the two most popular lens brands one can easily go with that. However, if you need great and far better qualities then the lenses from Leica and Zeiss would be a great choice as it offers best robust optics. But Leica and Zeiss are too pricey.

Talking about the third party lenses Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, and Rokinon has also given the best results to their users and they are also cheap in price. You can also go with these third-party lenses.

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