How to clean a Dslr Camera Lens? Pro Tips!


Everyone loves their DSLR Camera. It is because DSLR lenses can produce exceptional images adding aesthetic value to your life. The moments of their lives can be captured by this equipment. But to get the best out of a DSLR lens, we need to keep it clean as well. So, how to clean a Dslr Camera lens? That’s a question and we will resolve it in this Article.

As a DSLR lens involves various machinery operations it is certain that you need to keep your Dslr camera lens clean and perfect to use it for a longer time. DSLRs are more prone to smudges and fingerprints.

An uncleaned lens can not give you the more prominent pictures whereas the cleaner lens can get you sharper and crispy images.

A Dslr camera lens is very delicate. While handling you need to consider some of the things such as how to connect the lens to the camera and how to clean it up. Apart from that how to keep the lens using a lens hood and give the DSLR protection against dust as dust is everywhere.

In this article, we will try to solve your query regarding the cleaning of your favorite DSLR lens and also try to give detailed information regarding the lens cleaning kit accessories as well.

First of all, let’s discuss the dos and don’ts of Camera lenses.


* Always add a lens cap to your DSLR lens when not using it.

* Always keep your DSLR lens in the lens case to avoid unnecessary dust going inside.

* Use a UV or Skylight filter when using a DSLR lens as UV lights can harm the optics of your lens.

* Keep your DSLR lens clean by the lens cleaning kit twice a month.

* Always use the microfibre cleaning cloth while cleaning your lens.

* Use silicon pouches near the lenses as silicon pouches can absorb the moisture and prevent the moisture from entering inside the Lens.


* Do not touch the front element of your lens as you can find smudges and fingerprints.

* Do not use water or other than the lens solution. As water can produce more fungus on the lens.

* While cleaning the lens elements do not touch the lens elements with the naked hand rather use vinyl gloves.

* While cleaning, the rubber of the DSLR lens does not give much power as the rubber might get damaged after certain days.

* Do not blow air from your mouth to clean the bags of dust as your mouth contains acids and moisture which can damage your lens.

Accessories required to remove dust from your Dslr camera Lens

Lens spanner wrench

Lens spanner wrench

Use the appropriate wrench to open the rear part of the lens. There is a variety of lens spanner wrench available in the market.

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While there are lots of blowers available in the market these are quite handy while removing dust from your lens. While using the blower, always use it on the outside, otherwise, you can displace the dust from outside to inside.

Apart from that before using the blowers make sure you squeeze the blower 5 to 6 times to remove any dust present inside the blower.

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Lens cleaning brush

Lens cleaning brush

Dslr Lens cleaning brushes are quite impressive if you buy an expensive lens kit. The tentacles found on the brush are pretty soft and can easily remove any kind of dust from your DSLR lens.

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Lens solution

It is very often seen that most dust particles and smudges never go away easily. Thanks to the alcohol-based lens solution which is provided by the companies it will certainly give you a cleaner look. But try to use the alcohol-based cleaning process less as it can give you more damage in the later stage.

Always put the lens solution on the cleaning wipes and do not put lens solution directly on the lenses.

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Microfibre cleaning cloth

Microfibre cleaning cloth is the last part of your cleaning process. Microfibres are good clothes as they do not retain any kind of dust on Dslr camera lenses. Furthermore do not clean your lens with the ordinary tissue papers found in the market as these can damage your lens.

Always use disposable cleaning cloth.

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Cotton swab

Don’t use ordinary cotton swabs found in the market. Find a lens cleaning kit that has a cotton swab inside.

The cotton swab can reach the unreachable part of your lens and can make things easier for you.

Apart from that, the rubbers found on the lenses can be cleaned using a cotton swab.

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Process of cleaning lenses

You might have searched for how to clean your dslr Camera lens at home and after surfing a lot more articles you might still be confused. But in this article, your search ends here.

Especially as mentioned above, you do not have to touch the front part of the lens and always use a lens cap. The dust found on the lens cap can easily be blown away using a blower. The rear elements and mount positions as well can also be cleaned by a blower as well.

First of all, before starting a cleaning process squeeze your blower 5 to 10 times to remove any unwanted dust present inside the Lens.

Then gently use the blower outwardly so that no dust goes inside the Lens. On every outside part of your lens, you can use a blower. But while blowing dust from frontal elements you have to be a little cautious.

Talking about the rear part of the lens you have to open it through the appropriate wrench available in the market. After that, clean with a blower.

After using the blower you can now use a brush to remove the dust if present.

Then you can use the lens solution. Sprinkle the lens solution on the cleaning wipes not on the lenses. Then with those wipes gently clean your Dslr camera lens.

At last use a microfibre cleaning cloth to clean the dslr lens. Do not use any other kind of cleaning cloth while doing this. 

The overall process goes like this blower 👉 cleaning with a brush 👉 lens solution (if needed to remove the harder dust that never goes away easily)👉 wet the cleaning disposable wipes with lens solution👉 clean the solution using a microfibre cloth.

Sometimes it is even harder to get rid of the fungus. It is because when moisture goes inside of the lens that gets retained and when a slightly favorable temperature comes the fungus starts going on the front part of the lens entirely.

Let’s discuss how to clean a dslr lens fungus.

To completely wipe out fungus you will need:

*Hydrogen peroxide – 3% solution

*Lens spanner wrench

*Rocket Air blaster (=a blower)

*Rubber Vacuum pads

*Lens sucker

*A dish

* Pair of vinyl gloves

*Microfibre cleaning cloth

First and foremost, wear vinyl gloves before touching your lens. Then using the rocket blower clean all the dust from the surface area of the lens. Then open the front parts of your lens. This opening can be possible only through the rubber Vacuum pads.

After removing some of the rings you can collect your front part optical elements on the microfibre cloth. While collecting elements make sure your elements are in perfect order and you have to position them perfectly after cleaning. Otherwise wrong placement of opticals can not give you the best pictures.

After collecting optical elements of the front part, add each element separately to a dish that previously contained 3% of hydrogen peroxide solution.

After dipping it for five minutes, clean all of your optical elements with a microfibre cloth. During the five minutes interval, you can also clean the inside part of your lens barrel using disposable alcohol wipes.

After you are done with cleaning do not touch your optical elements even if you have vinyl gloves rather take those elements back to the front parts in an order using a lens sucker.

Then tighten the rings with the rubber Vacuum pads.

On the other hand for the rear part, you can also use disposable alcohol wipes to clean the mount areas.

To open up the rear optical elements you can use a lens spanner wrench to unscrew the holding ring that holds the optical elements tightly.

After unscrewing, collect all the rear part optical elements using a microfibre cloth and again dip all those elements in 3% hydrogen peroxide solution separately in a 5 minutes interval. While removing make sure you know the position of optical elements perfectly which later you are going to fit inside.

After every five minutes clean all the optical elements with the microfibre cloth and then place it on the rear part using a lens sucker.

The final is the lighting test. Take your lens to an illuminating light surface and see if there are any fungus present or not.

In this process, you can’t find a single colony of fungus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you use alcohol wipes on camera lenses?

A: Yes, there are lots of disposable alcohol wipes that can be used for clean DSLR lenses, and you can buy them from any market. Apart from that in the lens cleaning kit, you can get an alcohol-based cleaning solution as well. But useless if possible otherwise alcohol may give some damages as well.
However, while adding a solution do not pour directly on the lens rather pour it on wipes and using wipes to clean your lens.

Q. Can I use vinegar and water to clean my glasses?

A: Yes, you can use vinegar as an alternative to alcohol. As the vinegar is acidic it can certainly kill fungus right away. But don’t use it always, rather use a lens cleaning solution. Talking about the water, it is a warning for you that don’t clean your lens with the water as water can get you more fungus.

Q. How do I clean smudges off my camera lens?

A: You can clean the smudges using a blower followed by a Lens cleaning brush and lens solution. Then use a  microfiber cloth to end the final process of cleaning.

Q. Can you clean camera lenses with glasses cleaner?

A: where there are plenty of lens cleaning kit options available in the market. Choose those kits and never go for a glass cleaner.

Q. How to clean the lens rubber?

A: First use a blower then add silicone-based tire shine to the cotton swab to clean those rubbers. As a result, you won’t get any sticky things.

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